About Us


LINK Newspaper is a fast growing and unique monthly Arabic newspaper. It is a not-for-profit newspaper to help the Arabic community and designed to form a bridge between the Arab and Canadian community, new laws and culture. The newspaper has both English and Arabicsections that mainly focuses on news related to Arabic community, new Canadian immigration laws and civil news. The newspaper does not publish articles related to overseas politics or any religious views.


To provide a newspaper to Arab Canadians and newcomers with relevant and interesting resources and topics. We aim to help small businesses grow bigger and achieve their goals. We use the latest technology to reach all kind of readers, by sharing the newspaper on our Facebook
page (https://www.facebook.com/linkthemedia) and on our highly viewed website (www.linkthemedia.com).


Over 250,000 people from the Arabic community in the GTA and surrounding areas, as well as: scholars and executives interested in Arabic community, ethnics and cultural institutions and other public.The English section of the newspaper also strives to include anyone that lives by or is intrigued by the Arabic culture.


The printed version of LINK Newspaper currently reaches about 250,000 Canadian-Arabs, as well as readers from other Canadian communities in the GTA and surrounding areas. The newspaper can be found in over 160 outlets which include major Arabic restaurants, food markets, Arab Canadian events, community centers, mosques and churches, retail stores, and public libraries.Also, the newspaper is sent out as a blast email to over 2500 Arabic subscribers by blast mail.LINK is a free periodical newspaper for the public.


Advertising prices vary according to size, page, color, and number of issues. The regular prices below are for a one-time advertisement. We offer up to 50% discounted prices for repeated advertisements as well as complimentary free of charge AD design, and posting the AD on our website (http://www.linkthemedia.com/). Partner with us to get the partner discounted price. By signing a one year contract with us you will become a partner. Act fast, as the space is limited!


We use the definition of partner not advertiser, as the advertisers that become partners get more sharing and caring in the newspaper. At the same time, partners get discounted rates that reflect any extra sales. Also, we use the referral credit to help engage our partners and save them money from advertisement expenses. Refer someone and get 10% off the referral advertisement to be added as a credit to your account and make your advertisement free!

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